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 SD Net Speed Booster تسريع الحاسوب ويحسن من وضع الذاكرة

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تاريخ التسجيل : 11/06/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: SD Net Speed Booster تسريع الحاسوب ويحسن من وضع الذاكرة   الخميس 26 يونيو - 17:47

برنامج SD Net Speed Booster مع
هذا التطبيق سوف يساعد على تسريع الحاسوب ويحسن من وضع الذاكرة عندما
ينخفض مستواه ألى الأدنى ويقوم كذالك البرنامج بتحسين سرعة أتصالك
بالأنترنت بواسطة أستخدام مجموعة من الأدوات الذكية التي سوف تضيف حيوية
لجهازك وتسرع الأنترنت ويبقى حاسوبك سريع الأستجابة يقوم البرنامج بتحسين
من وضع الويندوز الخاص بك ويمكن تخصيص جدول زمني لتحسين الأوتماتيكي
للذاكرة يقوم البرنامج بأصلاح مشاكل TCP/IP أثناء نقبل البيانات وهكذا سوف
يضمن البرنامج السرعة في تصفح وسرعة التحميل ومن أهم مميزات البرنامج :
يمنع تقطيع خدمة الأنترنت عن طريق مزود الخدمة, يستخدم برنامج تقنية Ping
ليبقى أتصالك بالأنترنت حيا, يدعم البرنامج اغلب أتصالااات الأنترنت
Cable, LAN,DSL,ISDN,T1,T2,T3 Satellite and Dial-Up, يمكنك بسهولة
أستعادة أعدادات الأفتراضية للويندوز برنامج مميز بأمكانيات رائعة لتحسين
الجهاز وتسريع الأنترنت

SD Net Speed Booster description
You can schedule this application to automatically optimize RAM when it falls below a certain target level.

and optimize the speed of your Internet connection with this set of
tools. Free Net Speeder Life is an utility to help you keep your system
healthy and responsive.

Free Net Speeder Life - optimizes the
way your Windows PC can send and receive information across the
Internet in real time to prevent fragmentation of data transfers.
Freemen utility - allows you to free physical memory or RAM on your

Just select a target amount of free memory and click
the Optimize button. You can also schedule it to automatically optimize
RAM when it falls below a certain target level.

Free Net Speeder
Life can prevent TCP/IP protocols data transfer from being
fragmented.If you decide to use it, this application can boost your
Internet connection performance from 2 to 4 times.

Free Net
Speeder Life's Ping option prevents you from being disconnected by your
ISP (Internet Service Provider). Most ISPs have inactivity timeout,
which means they can disconnect you after a fixed time of modem

This could happen if you leave your computer on for a while or while you are reading something on the Internet
and before you have finished you see the disconnect dialog box appear on your screen.

Here are some key features of "Net Speed Booster":

· Prevents you from being disconnected by your ISP
· ISB has a built in Automatic Ping mode.
· The user has full control over the Ping Interval, Ping Host and Ping Sound .
· Includes easy registry backup.
· The user can set Max MTU, RWIN, TTL, Session keep Alive, PMTU and NDI cache.
· ISB has a manual mode to configure Dial-UP and LAN settings.
· Also ISB has two automatic modes to configure Dial-UP and LAN settings.
· The default Widows settings can be easily restored.
· Supports all software and hardware adapters.
· Offers more than 200 Windows operating systems registry tweaks
· Boost overall performance and data transfer rates up to 500%
All connection types are supported (Cable, LAN,DSL,ISDN,T1,T2,T3
Satellite and Dial-Up), as are all software and hardware adapters
· Easily restore your default Windows settings with the included back-up option
· Comprehensive help file with definitions of various terms and settings is included.
· Frees memory so your applications will run faster and smoother
· Fine-tunes various Internet settings to make Internet connections faster and to increase modem dialing speed
Web pages display faster and file downloads take less time to
complete.Free Net Speeder Lifeworks at the operating system level and
therefore boosts not only all Internet browsers including Internet
Explorer, Netscape, MSN, CompuServe and downloading performance, but
also Email programs, America Online (AOL), Instant Messenger,
RealAudio, Real Video, FTP, ICQ, NeoPlanet, Opera, PcAnyWhere,
NetMeeting, NetShow, AT&T, Earthlink and P2P bandwidth, by as much
as five times, while significantly reducing data-packet loss. This is
especially handy for online gamers and file-sharing fans that transmit
large amounts of data on a regular basis.
· Advanced users can tweak in their own TCP/IP settings easily.
Enables you to send and receive bigger information packets for your
protocol safely and by means of a Stay-Alive Tool attached to this
program, your connection will never drop in any case

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الشركة المطورة: SoftDepo
نوع الترخيص: Adware
حجم البرنامج: 4.4 MB
نظام التشغيل: Windows All
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